The Collective is an eclectic group of inspired young artists at Holy Cross College, one of the highest achieving departments in the country.


Today, it has grown to be an exemplary demonstration of student initiative and capability, now operating as a self-run, highly developed organisation. Together, we put our skills as Art & Design students into practice, having held exhibitions attended by thousands of people, produced over 4,000 publications, and raised over £5,000 as a successful business to fund our work.


Our aim has always been to connect and to inspire, consistently demonstrating the power of art in modern life. We explore topics relevant to not just ourselves but to everyone, everywhere. We explore what is important for you.


Since the birth of The Collective in only 2017, an ambitious array of topics have been explored by the 100+ people we have worked with.


The ISO Project. As we find ourselves removed from our usual class environments, where the regular exchange of ideas thrives, we, the Collective, want to establish a socially distanced space for us to digitally share our creativity. So for those of you who want to use this solitary time productively and collaboratively, we will be releasing starting points for mini-projects to inspire us. Each week there will be a new brief set , a prompt to help us start this new way of working. Join us, you might surprise yourself…

Collective Studio Green.png

Aside from The Collective publications, exhibitions, and events that we run, we also have The Collective Studio. The Collective Studio is a newly launched service which can provide clients with an array of art & design services by request. Our Studio manager will put together a brief matching your project, which then our highly skilled students within the Studio will work to whatever means necessary to fulfil the request to the highest standard.


Collections. An archive dedicated to our previous publications including work from: collective, ...|, 100 and PLAY.

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